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How to: Create a PDF file with security protection

Now a days everyone focus on protection of documents. Today we’re going to tell you how to make a password protected PDF file.
Here are the steps for creating a password protected file-

  1. Open Microsoft Word Document 2010 (New or Existing)
  2. Left Click on "File Tab (Button)" of your document
  3. Left click on "Save As (Menu Item)"
  4. Left Click on "Save As Type: (Combo Box)" In "Save As"
  5. Left Click On "PDF (List Item)"
  6. left click on "Options... (button)" in "Save As"
  7. left click on "Encrypt the document with a password (checkbox)" in "Options"
  8. left click on "OK (button)" in "Options" 
  9. Now a box will appear now enter & Re-enter your own password minimum 6 character needed to create a password.
  10. Now Left click on "OK (Button)" in "Encrypt PDF Document"
  11.  Left click on "Save (button)"
  12. Open your PDF file and look it ask you to enter the password now enter your own password and get in.

If you find any problem write in comment box we’ll try to solve that.


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