Sunday, 3 July 2016

How To: Remove write protection from MICRO SD CARD/PEN DRIVE

Guys :) Today I am going to share with you ! How to remove write protection (that is also known as READ ONLY attribute) from micro SD card or pen drives. When I searched for this I found out many thing like most of tech websites are showing you to use regedit and then check control in system put 0 and some thing like this !!! 

In Window 10, It is not working as there is no option for system device policies. I tried and not found this option in list :( 

Lets learn another way to remove disk protection from pen drive or micro sd cards-
  1. Go to Start> Run/Search> cmd
  2. cmd > type "diskpart" and give permission to run diskpart.exe 
  3. Type "list volume" --here you'll show all the disk and connected devices (USB Pendrive/SD cards)
  4. type "select volume # " #--type number of that device from list of which you want to remove protection 
  5. type"attributes disk CLEAR readonly" - for removing the protection
  6. You'll receive a message of either successful or not completion of your command.
  7.  On Successful, remove you device and insert again!
  8. Now you can move, delete, copy and cut files from protected device!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to: Delete Auto-fill entry from browser

What is Auto-fill Entry? 

Auto fill is nothing but a helpful method to you that give you option while you entering your detail in any field but sometimes it works against you by providing your detail to others! So Here we are going to give you a TIPS to delete the auto filled delete from any browser.

There is shortcut way to delete the auto filled delete from any website by pressing-   


After deleted 2 entries by SHIFT+Del

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

How to: Create BitTorrent file easily for sending larger files

How to send larger files through BitTorrent! 

It is just too simple, follow these steps and you’ll able to convert a file in torrent and then you can send it to anyone through mail or else method! 
  1. Go to this link and download BitTorrent 
  2. Install It, Setup is small in size approx. 2 MB. 
  3. Now after Installing it! Open Bit Torrent 

  4. And Next step is Go to File and Select CREATE NEW TORRENT or you can take shortcut by using Ctrl+N.
  5. Now there comes an Option to Add the file which you want to convert into Torrent! Add file location by selecting file and then click on CREATE OPTION 
  6. Then It will ask for location where you want to SAVE 
  7. SAVE and Check the location where you saved!!!

    AND You now created torrent file successfully!! Send wherever you want to send... Similarly the user who downloading your file need Bit Torrent Software to download it!!
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to: Open a website blocked by Department of Telecommunication India

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information."

If you are facing same problem that when you are opening a website it is previewing above message. Don't worry we are here to solve the same.

It is so simple. You have only to add "https://" before the site that you want to open.

Like- first I was opening with Google Chrome. It was showing the above message of blocking then I tried I entered site as- and it open....


If you have any problem please comment in comment box.